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Intrinsi​c​ Wisdom Coaching

Leadership | Tea​m Development | Life

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Inspirational. Transformative. Effective.

Intrinsic Wisdom opens pathways allowing you to create a more impactful presence, harness strengths, and build the confidence you need to be a successful leader. We work with leaders, teams, and organizations ready to take the plunge into the rediscovery process.

Leadership, Team Development and Life Coaching 

Located in Rochester, New York, Intrinsic Wisdom Coaching LLC provides coaching services to clients nationwide. We work with clients who are looking to realign their lives and careers with purpose, passion and ease. 

The pandemic is proving to be one of the defining events of our time. We are in a state of massive change across the world. How are you harnessing this time, from a place of fear or from a place of creative reimagining? Now is the time to rediscover our individual and collective wisdom, as we rise up and determine the path to our new way of living and leading. Ready to Explore Our Services?


Your Path to Inspirational Leadership 

Create a culture of leaders. Move from doing to being and harness the wisdom within you and those around you.

Team Development: 

Your Path to Leading an Effective and Cohesive Team

Build a team atmosphere of trust, healthy conflict, commitment, and accountability to achieve results.


Your Path to Transformative Liberation

Create and live your best life. Discover the patterns that hold you back and transform your mindset into effective action.

Professional Certifications

Service Area 

Serving Clients Nationwide

Hours of Operation 

Monday-Friday, day/evening hours available. (Saturday upon request)

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Book Your Free 30-Minute