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Intrinsi​c​ Wisdom Coaching

Leadership | Tea​m Development | Life

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Biography & Life Experience

Our Founder, Joanne Panarisi-Bottone is a certified leadership coach who brings a blend of nuanced insight and depth of experience as a leader in the not-for-profit and higher education sectors. 

From a very early age, she has been fueled by her social justice heart. Throughout her life, she has blended heart and mind through studies focused on personal and professional transformation. Her unwavering passion for leadership, team, and organizational development has always been driven by the rediscovery of one’s own Intrinsic Wisdom.

Joanne has always led from a place of keen insight, knowing that what we now refer to as "toxic work environments and relational-occupational trauma", would one day catch up to us. This time of transformational change in our world, is an opportune and critical time to check how we operate as a team and as leaders at work, at home and within ourselves. Intrinsic Wisdom Coaching is a co-creative partnership of change, bridging the gap by healing the past and building an inspired future. 

In addition to her experience, she carriers numerous team development and advanced coaching certifictions, is an ICF Certified Executive Coach and earned a Masters of Social Work degree from Syracuse University. Joanne's current goal is to further her knowledge and expertise in obtaining her certification in Neuroscience, Coaching and Relational Trauma by May 2023.

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Our Vis​ion:

To serve as a conduit of change in the world, 

one client at a time.

Our Mission:

To provide client-centered coaching with a commitment to unleashing both personal and professional potential, 

from a place of creative reimaging and discovery for transformative, inspirational and effective change. 

My Story:

Ahh taking the plunge! It can be scary, but what if  YOU never make the leap?

It was in 2020 that I hired an executive coach of my own. The coaching process helped me to lower the 'noise' in my head that was filled with old beliefs and what if's. All of this 'noise' had drowned out my natural talents, expertise and incredible accolades that I had received over the years from colleagues, employees, and clients. My insights and core passion throughout my career spanned from my early years of  work with families in crisis, to climbing the rungs of the ladder and becoming an Executive Director. Each role was fueled by my passion for social justice, culture change, and professional development. I saw missing gaps at every rung, and I often lead/co-lead the charge for organizational culture change.

My interpersonal and intrapersonal skills have given me the ability to easily read a room and see an organizations pain (toxicity and trauma) through the impact on its leaders, employees, clients, and bottom-line outcomes.

Learning from each moment has brought awareness and the re-discovery of my own  Intrinsic Wisdom! 

Are YOU ready to take the plunge

To show up as your most authentic self, without blame of others and with inspired solutions? 

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