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Intrinsi​c​ Wisdom Coaching

Leadership | Tea​m Development | Life

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Insight + Action = Results! 

The rediscovery process is the driver of inspirational, transformative, and effective change. This process applies to individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations who are ready to make the plunge! 

Effective Coaching for an 

Ever-Changing Life and Workplace

Coaching is a professional, client-centered partnership with a process accelerating focus on self-discovery and action, producing extraordinary results!!

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, Intrinsic Wisdom Coaching LLC offers personal and professional coaching to clients nationwide

We provide virtual services as well as in-person coaching! 

Leadership Coaching

Where you have been stuck, we will move you forward. Where you have blind spots, we will help you see. Where you have been frustrated, we will get at the root causes and find solutions. Leadership coaching is for ALL levels of development. Senior leaders, middle management, frontline staff, and small business owners alike. With a highly personalized process that begins with building trust and leveraging strengths, with the goal of gaining self-awareness to develop and inspire others. 

Team Development Coaching

Team development is for the leader who is looking for coaching for themselves and the team(s) that they lead. Looking to improve your team or companies bottom line? Team development coaching is something that most leaders and companies have historically "given a nod to", yet competing priorities have often taken precedence. Building a team atmosphere of trust and the ability to have healthy conflict, deepens team commitment and accountability through collaborative solutions to meet desired outcomes. 

Life Coaching

Whether it be to explore your wildest dreams, achieve life-work balance, or major life changes, we will work through the rediscovery process and realign with your authentic self to reach your life goals. Life coaching is for anyone looking to live their best life and are ready to make the necessary changes. This requires the desire to reignite the leader within. Together we will build a trusting partnership, decrease the impact of stress and rediscover your personal truth.

Book Your Free 30-Minute